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March 17th Contest - Congratulations to the Winners!
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Galdr Offline
PB's Ninja

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Here is the submission thread where those participating in the contest may post their completed entries. ENTRIES ONLY. If you have two, you must abide by the rules posted in the above linked thread and post them within the same post, not separately.

On March 16th, the contest thread will be closed for any submissions and the Judges shall decide the 1st and 2nd place winners.
  • Fanfiction entries - please post your fanfiction entry as a separate thread in the Fanfiction and Role-Play forum, then post the link here. Alternatively, you can post it in here, but please put it in a spoiler tag.

Those participating with drawing/graphics, put your image up on an image hosting site such as DeviantART, Imageshack, Tinypic, Imgur, or Photobucket. Alternatively, you may submit them as an attachment in your post.

Winners shall be announced on March 17th! Thank-you and have fun!
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03-12-2013 08:46 PM | #1
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Azlan Uchiha Offline
I'm a graphic designer yo!

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Here's mine Smile

[Image: tgs_zpsb7ef6147.png]
[Image: SOTM_zpsa990839a.png]

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03-14-2013 10:13 AM | #2
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neochu51 Offline
~Sail with me into the dark~

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It took a while to get from my iPod to here, but here:

[Image: 2u9sx9x.jpg]

03-16-2013 06:24 PM | #3
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ScrafAndSigil Offline
chubby ghosts

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*wishing I wasn't 12 and has a crummy art talent*
Heres the one posted. Its on DeviantART also.
[Image: saint_patricks_day__contest_entry___by_s...5y9a6s.png]
I posted it on DA Yesterday...I didn't see this thread.

[Image: imporan_by_equisnacks-d8axk4z.gif] [Image: provi_by_equisnacks-d8je8yd.gif]
03-17-2013 08:04 AM | #4
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Galdr Offline
PB's Ninja

Posts: 19,684
Joined: Dec 2010
Sorry for the delay. The judges have concluded their choices and here are the winners:

First Place goes to Azlan Uchiha and Second Place goes to ScrafandSigil. Congratulations!

You'll both be receiving 2000 PD and have a choice to get a drawing from me if you like. Smile

[Image: IjjjbnS.png]
Stars don't twinkle, the moon doesn't shine.
Birds don't sing, the wind doesn't blow. To the pure body, to the perfect existence.
03-18-2013 12:41 AM | #5
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