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A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
To make this clearer, this is my guide to the pokemon available to you at the outset of the game and how good they are compared to the others.

I will use a scale of 1-10 to judge them.

Male: Lonely
Female: Docile
Summary: Bulbasaur is pretty great, I'm not going to lie. He was my first PMD partner and probably my favorite, despite my rate. His typing allows him to be immune to poison, which is annoying in later levels as toxic spikes can end your dungeon exploration.
Some Notable Moves:Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Synthesis, Razor Leaf, Bullet Seed, Growth, Swords Dance
While Bulbasaur can put enemies to sleep at a low level and heal itself, both of which are invaluable. The Green Dino also gets ranged moves quite early as well. However, he has no room clearers or speed boosters, and that takes away 1.5.

Male: Docile
Female: Brave
Summary: I do like charmander. As a pokemon I hink his design is pretty cool and I almost let that influence my rating of him. Unfortunately, he's just really annoying to play with.
Some Notable Moves:Swords Dance, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Smokescreen
Before you hang me, I'd like to explain myself. It's cool that Charmander gets smokescreen at such a low level. The whiffer status is awesome, I get that. Unfortunately, he gets his first ranged move at a extremely high level. 31. And his best short range move, fire spin, at level 49. That's painful. That combined with his lack of any kind of supporting move set gives him a low score. When he evolves though he does get better, by gaining the move heat wave, but I'm not ranking Charizard right now.

Summary: Squirtle. Just. What? The sprite is pretty cute anyways.
Some Notable Moves: Bubble, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Protect
It learns bubble at such a LOW LEVEL. Bubble is very awesome with a chance to slow. Water Pulse has a chance to confuse. Anyways, both of these moves are learned earlier than Charmander's Flamethrower, which is why it gets a 7.

Summary:I want to hate you so much Pikachu. But you are a great pokemon in this game grumble grumble. Also the walking sprite of pikachu makes it look fatter than other sprites. It's quite funny.
Some Notable Moves: Discharge, ThunderBolt, ThunderWave, Quick Attack, Agility
Pikachu is quite possibly the greatest starter in this game. It gets the fantastic moves agility and discharge. One is a double speed enhancer for the entire party (Haste-aga) and the other is a room clearer with a paralyze chance. Those two moves alone would rank it the highest. But thunderbolt is fantastic as well as thunder wave, paralyze in this game is like a slightly worse version of sleep.

Summary: Like a slightly better version of charmander, vulpix leaps onto the stage. I'm kind of caught up about vulpix. On one hand, it's a pretty cool pokemon, on the other, its a lot like charmander. =.=
Some Notable Moves:Will-o-wisp, Confuse Ray, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Safeguard.
Ranking: 6.5/10
Vulpix's moves are just... meh. They are more varied than charmander's but not by much. It basically gets a more varied support movepool. Vulpix also learn's her awesome moves lower than charmander.... but not by much.

Summary:I used eevee once, just so I could use vaporeon late game. But just look at the 4th gen moveset. I think I've made my point.
Some Notable Moves: Quick Attack
Eevee is a bad pokemon. Really, really bad.

Summary:I really, really like chikorita. Probably my favorite of the 2nd gen starters, just because I hated the others so much. In this game, Chikorita is pretty good, and has a varied supportive movepool. Just like in the main games however, don't expect it to do any super high damage.
Some Notable Moves:Synthesis, Razor Leaf, Magical Leaf, Safeguard, Aromatherapy, Swords Dance
Chikorita can heal itself, and its allies through the use of Synthesis and Aromatherapy. Sure, poison doesn't seem to be a lot now, but it adds up. And if you can't find the stairs... well then. Chikorita also learns Razor Leaf at level 6 which is fantastic.

Male: Timid
Female: Calm
Summary: Cyndaquil was the first pokemon I chose in the original mystery dungeon, and unfortunately for it, hasn't changed much over the years.
Some Notable Moves: Flamethrower, Smokescreen, Rollout, Lava Plume, Eruption, Quick Attack, Will-o-wisp
Unfortunately for Cyndaquil, it learns flamethrower at an even higher level than Charmander. That's ridiculous. However it learns most of the same moves, without firespin. However, Cynda gets a multi hitter a 2 spacer, and a all around-er. That's what separates it from Charmander.

Male: Jolly
Female: Sassy
Totodile is pretty cool. I'd use him, and I'd hardly use anything besides a select few starters in this game. Use him if you like water types, he's probably the best of the bunch
Some Notable Moves: Scary face, Hydro Pump, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Swords Dance, Screech
Ranking: 8.5/10
Totodile gets that big of a ranking just because of how much damage it can do. It can set up a swords dance, chained to a screech, chained to a physical attack and that can do upwards of 300 damage early on in the game. Scary face is also very good.

Summary:Phanpy was like the first pokemon I ever played with in PMD. Anyways, after I got over the shock of them calling me lazy, I kind of enjoyed the challenge of the little elephant.
Some Notable Moves: Rollout, Ancient Power
Ranking: 2/10
It got a multi hitting move and ancient power, while Eevee did not.

Summary: I like you treecko, I really do. Especially because Wally had one of you. And everyone knows how much I love that horrible excuse for a trainer. I just like him because most of his awesome moves involve healing me and damaging the enemy. Which are two of my favorite things
Some Notable Moves: Absorb, Energy Ball, Mega Drain, Quick Attack, Agility, Screech, Pursuit, Detect, Swords Dance, Bullet Seed.
Ranking: 9.5/10
Better than Bulbasaur because even though it takes forever for it to learn a ranged move, you do get agility. And as I've explained above, agility is one of the greatest moves in this game.

Summary: Blaziken is a great pokemon. I mean really when the 5th gen mystery dungeon comes out, I will be all OVER that speed boost Torchic. However right now I'm a bit iffy about the not-so-scrambled egg.
Some Notable Moves:Mirror Move, Flamethrower, Fire Spin, Quick attack
Mirror Move is the only reason it is better than Charmander. It learns Flamethrower later, and that also makes me angry.

Male: Rash
Female: Lonely
Summary: Mudkip was always the pokemon I chose in my original ruby version. Swampert was just everything I wanted to be and more. I don't know about it in Mystery Dungeon though
Some Notable Moves: Whirlpool, Hydropump, Protect
Ranking: 6/10
It's a wet Charmander if that makes any sense.

Summary: As a pokemon skitty, I think you are an abomination. I think your eyes are more annoying than anything I've ever seen ever. Your tail is weird, and looks nothing like a cattail. Though you are a good pokemon in this game. *grumble* *grumble*
Some Notable Moves: Sing, Double Slap, Heal Bell, Attract, Fake Out, Dream Eater, Thunder Bolt/Wave, Ice Beam, Calm Mind
I dismiss this pokemon in all playthroughs of my pokemon games. But in this game, Skitty can get rid of status, use a multi hitter, put enemies to sleep, heal it self, attract enemies. And the great ability normalize gives stab to everything it has. A great pokemon. It just needs a speed booster.

Male: Bold
Female: Timid
Summary: I've never ever used Turtwig in the main games. It just seems... bad. Slow and stuff. In this game it's pretty good. Just not REALLY good. Almost a bulbasaur. Almost.
Some Notable Moves: Mega Drain, Absorb, Giga Drain, Synthesis, Energy Ball, Bullet Seed.
It can heal itself use range moves if you give it some. It just can't boost it's speed and for that I shame it. SSSSSSHHHHHHHAAAAAAMMMMMEEEEE!

Chimchar has to be my favorite Sinnoh starter. Plus it's like the only fire type in the entire region, which quite frankly, is weird.
Some Notable Moves:Fury Swipes, Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, Slack off, Fire spin
Ranking: 8/10
The best fire type starter of the game, Chimchar gets a healing move, a boosting move, ranged attack and a multi hitter. If only it got a room clearer or agility. Oh well. At least it isn't Charmander(p).

Summary: Agility is in the egg pool. I repeat. Agility is in the egg pool. Honestly, if only it was in the move set, then piplup would be the best water starter. Now it's only a watery chimchar.
Some Notable Moves: Whirlpool, Hydro Pump, Bubble, Fury Attack
Ranking: 7/10
Multihitter and ranged moves. That's all this little penguin has going for it. If only it was cooler. Maybe if we attached jets to it or something.

Summary: I don't really like Shinx and I'll explain the main reason below. The second reason is that all electric pokemon should be mainly yellow. It's just an OCD thing I have.
Some Notable Moves:Discharge, Scary Face
It has a room clearer and a speed impeder. Really that's all it needs. It's still a worse pikachu though. Also it gets crunch, and because everyone likes dark type pokemon and dark type moves, I guess I should mention that. Also people like fox pokemon for some weird reason. Just embrace your furry-ness while onlookers cry in awe and confusion.

*Note* Shinx cannot use confusion.

Male: Sassy
Summary:Like eevee except with swords dance and screech. Still no possibility of a range move. Kinda wtf.
Some Notable Moves: Quick attack, Counter, Screech, Swords Dance
Oh damn I just did that. Yep no ranged attacks, speed boosts, room clearers, status'rs makes jack a dull boy. Whatever that means. Riolu is lul. It gets a .5 bonus over Phanpy for evolving into a fighting type-Charmander. It gets another .5 bonus for being a fighting type.

I might rate the partners later. here is like ... a spoiler. Meowth is like a worse skitty, and munchlax is like a slightly better Eevee.
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
Nice guid. I started this game with Riolu and pikachu (I always choose pikachu as my partner). I got throught the game pretty easy thanks to pikachus agility. I think Focus Punch should be a notable move for riolu as really powerful and hits the two main bosses for super effective damage. Also Lucario is pretty good when you evolve Riolu with aura sphere and dark pulse (if only he got nasty plot).

Anyway im not here to stick up for Riolu, infact i agree with your rating of 2.5. I also agree with all the other starter rating and think this gives an accurate guid.

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01-29-2012 01:44 PM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
Yeah I agree with you, Focus punch on riolu is powerful. However, I really only do the moves that do something besides doing damage/chance effect in one square in the notable move section.

Edit: I also write down some of the ideal linkable moves.
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01-29-2012 02:04 PM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
I have chosen Eevee & Mudkip for a partner, I wanted to be done with Eevee so I evolved it into a Jolteon.
01-29-2012 02:24 PM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
My first ever team was a evee and a cyndaquil.........Ah well......My second team was a vulpix and a riolu. BEST TEAM EVA!!!! I never died in dungeons.....only in boss battles like Rayquaza and the guild..
04-11-2012 03:17 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
My first team was a charmander with a pikachu partner. We were awesome. Even though I somehow accidentally took off charizard's field checker (wait that wasn't it...what was it called?) IQ skill and couldn't understand why it kept flamethrowering pikachu (who I was playing as) from behind for quite a Tongue
04-11-2012 03:33 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
Sky Version, I used Eevee and Riolu; true to its nature, Eevee was pretty bad, but its usefulness with Flail is if it's at low health; that's when Flail comes in handy. It's bad to have an Eevee as a partner. If it gets damaged and low health, it'll run off. Bad, when you get to bosses and all. Riolu was cool because of the Force Palm. While it doesn't learn ranged moves on its own, it can learn Focus Blast as a ranged attack. No room-sweepers, but that's all right. He's handy for 2 of the 3 major boss fights in the game. That Force Palm/Focus Blast is nice.

However, they should have given Riolu the Egg move Agility than Bite. You could teach Riolu Shadow Claw for the psychic weakness. >_> With that, Riolu may have gotten a higher score.

Time, I used Chimchar and Pikachu. The Intimidator and Stair Sensor IQs always saved me. Tongue
04-11-2012 03:38 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
I think I had a Totodile and a Charmander in PMD Explorers of Sky. I was defeated a couple of times... like to Dialga's cheap Roar Of Time...

everyone with blue hair is marf
remember it

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04-11-2012 03:39 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
^That's what Stun seeds are for, and confusion helps against Primal-Freakin-Dialga. If he's confused, using Roar of Time will hit himself, as it's an all-room hitter. Heheh. That's how I won in Time, other than using Brick Break and Dig. I forgot the seed name, but Dialga was confused, roamed around a little, using moves and missing us. We healed at the time, then Dialga used Roar of Time. It killed my partner (Pikachu), Chimchar stayed alive with 2HP, and Dialga killed itself. So much fun.
04-11-2012 03:43 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
(04-11-2012 03:17 AM)BlastoiseTrainer Wrote:  My second team was a vulpix and a riolu. BEST TEAM EVA!!!!

I had a Vulpix and a Riolu, but the save file got killed so I started again with Riolu and Treeko. They are AWESOME!
(ps I'm doing a log of my run on it Smile)
05-05-2012 01:32 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
Just starting the game, Does Pikachu (starter) and Chimchar (partner) sound like a good choice? Afraid of Dialga knowing that he's steel. Or should I switch Chimchar with Skitty.
Any Ideas anybody? Smile
12-08-2012 10:28 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
@Shinichi; Chimchar and Pikachu, in my opinion since I've used that combination, is fairly decent. The only dungeon you really need to worry about is the first two dungeons in the beginning (as they're both Water dungeons) and then post-game's later water dungeons, but that's not so bad.

Have Pikachu with Agility + Discharge + Shock Wave (if you find the TM, teach right away) and either Iron Tail or Grass Knot for Rock/Ground/other types. I prefer Grass Knot since it can knock out both rock and ground types, since Pikachu can't hurt Ground.

Chimchar, again in my opinion, should be equipped with Brick Break (when you find the TM) for Rock Coverage, Flamethrower for distance, Slack Off for self recovery and either Shadow Claw, Wide Slash (PMD TM exclusive) or even Bulk Up for boosting, or Dig since later on, Chimchar learn an IQ skill that allows them to use a 2-turn move in one turn, but costs 2 PP rather than 1 PP. I forgot what it was called. It's been some time.

Dialga's going to be annoying even if you level up to 50. Just bring Stun/Sleep Seeds and plenty of Revivers with you. Dialga's weak to Ground, so your best bet is Dig. That also helps against Dialga's Roar of Time attack, if he uses it while you're underground, it won't hit you.
12-08-2012 10:35 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
WOW!!! Thanks for the super quick response. Smile I was trying to cover both grass and water dungeons, hearing that there were a lot of em! Do you think I switch Chimchar with someone else who knows dig? Any recommendations? You can tell I really want to keep this pikachu starter LOL
12-08-2012 10:46 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
No problem; glad I can lend assistance.

Dig isn't very hard to find. You can find it lying around in the Foggy Forest dungeon (Chapter 7 or 9 I believe in-game) You can keep Pikachu, sure thing.

For Sky, nobody in the starter's list learn Dig naturally other than the TM, unfortunately. A better partner for Pikachu is actually Riolu. You'll literally destroy Dialga if you have him, since he's Fight-type and Fight-type moves are super effective. He learns the same IQ as Chimchar, and can learn Dig.

Just give him Force Palm + Bite + Focus Blast (if you find it, for distance coverage) and either Quick Attack or Dig for him as a last move. The only weaknesses you have to worry about is Psychic and Flying types for him, and those are early on in the game, which is a piece of cake since Riolu has Bite for psychic coverage and then Pikachu handles the Flying types.

Skitty won't be able to hurt Ghost-types without Odor Sleuth or Foresight, due to her Normalize ability. However, if you want to, having Skitty's just as good, since every move she'll learn will have a STAB, due to Normalize.

This is from personal use though.
12-08-2012 10:53 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
Galdr, that is funny... I was thinking of the same exact thing, Riolu. I felt kinda discouraged, after I read this chart, but now that I think about it, as you said cover each other's weaknesses. My only question is, do you think I should have Riolu as my starter or partner? Pika???
12-08-2012 11:08 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
Pikachu is Pikachu's best partner. He can, and probably will carry any and all team members through the game. I recently did a run through with Pikachu and it's just embarrassing how much better it is than everything else in this game.

Pikachu can Brick Break and Focus punch, thus eliminating any need for Riolu. Ever.

Best Partner for Pikachu is Squirtle. It hits the ground types that threaten Pikachu super effectively and can learn rain dance (by level up) which helps with thunder and it's own water moves. (Also helps with the annoying sandstorm segments of the game) . Not only that, but with Discharge and the possible Blizzard, you get the infamous Bolt Beam coverage that attacks everything in the room!

Another good partner to Pikachu is Meowth, as it can learn many moves including Water Pulse for Pikachu's weakness to ground and rain dance. It also starts with Hypnosis which is incredibly helpful, one of the few starters to get sleep. It can also be taught Dream Eater as well and when Hypnosis and Dream Eater are linked, Meowth can rarely be KO'd.

However, do not pair a fire starter with Pikachu. They are both weak to ground. Lean more towards the grass and water types, as well as Skitty and Meowth.

Remember that type match ups are kind of diminished in this game. Gamefreak decided to not emphasize typing in a game that will only have two to three pokemon anyways. That being said, it's better to minimize the amount of weaknesses you have.
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12-15-2012 01:45 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
i have no idea what my team should be please help Help
12-31-2012 02:04 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
Yay,I'm a pikachu,got roily partner

[Image: x1iqn2U.png]
12-31-2012 02:05 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
I did fine with Charmander and Shinx, but TIP: Shinx's electrical attacks do NOTHING in the final, FINAL battle until that Rhyperior's foiled. Charmander had trouble with that...

I regret not getting Pikachu...

Anyway, I think you need to consider the bosses somewhat, but DON'T center your whole team around defenses for them. Pikachu or Riolu are good choices against the game and post-game bosses (Dialga and Darkrai, respectively), I'd advise one of them. As for the other slot, go for a Pokemon you feel is right. I'd personally go for a Fire-type, but that's up to you, really. Tongue

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12-31-2012 02:10 AM
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RE: A Guide to Starter Pokemon in PMD Explorers of the Sky
I always use Eevee and Phanpy. I like them and they're not that bad. I beat the entire game with them, that includes post-game.

It's a secret:pika:
01-02-2013 03:52 PM
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