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In Pokemon X & Y, There are some legendary pokemon in the game. Not as much as B2W2. But there is a fair amount of them in the game. Let's get on with it!

-Xerneas/Yveltal- Team Flare HQ
Level- 50

In the depths of the HQ of Team Flare lies this chamber where you'll see Xarneas/Yveltal. I HUGELY recommend that you save your game before you go need the chamber cause the animation for it will appear and the battle will start right after.

Zygrade- Terminus Cave

Zygrade is findable in Terminus Cave after you have beaten the game. If you go all the way to the lower floor of the deep cave. You will find it there unlike Xarneas/Yueltal you can save in front of it. And it will be at level 70.

Articuno & Moltres & Zapdos- Roaming Kalos, Sea Spirit's Den
Level- 70

These pokemon are gonna be roaming Kalos after you beat the game. They are based on what pokemon you started with [The Kalos Starter.]
Articuno if you picked Chespin, Zapdos if you picked Fennekin and Moltres if you picked Froakie. After you run into them 10 times in the wild. They will go to the Sea Spirit's Den and you can catch them there.

***Sidenote- If you run into them they will run away without allowing you to pick any actions in the game. They are only catchable in the Den.

Mewtwo- Unknown Dungeon
Level 70

You also have to beat the game to find Mewtwo. There is a cave in Pokemon Village that is blocked off by a unknown man after you beat the game then it will become unlocked. After catching Mewtwo the megastone for it will be on the ground respectively for each version

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Is there a picture for Zygrade yet? Just curuous, because I cant find it on Bulbapedia. It sounds really cool <3

They should have added more Legends in my opinion, instead of using four 1st Gen Legends... bit dissapointing, but oh well!

Edit: Nevermind, got a picture from WM :3
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For those of you who didn't get a picture from WM:

[Image: 718.png]

[Image: chansey.gif][Image: aerodactyl-mega.gif][Image: porygon2.gif]
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I'm just kinda curious, did they add any new legendaries besides Zygrade, Yveltal and Xerneas?
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Your looking at all the legends of X & Y right there.

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